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Fic: 'Jeeves and the Artistic Verisimilitude'

What-ho Everyone! *waves*. My writing muse has recently discovered the joys of 'Jeeves and Wooster,' and this story is the result...

I have enjoyed playing in Jeeves' and Bertie's world so much, perhaps I should not be surprised that this tale turned out to be novella-length. Nevertheless, I am, a little.

The story is in seven parts, linked below from the community indeedsir, (where it was posted about a week ago).

I really hope you enjoy reading it, and it would be lovely to hear what you think :-)

Title: Jeeves and the Artistic Verisimilitude
Author: PurpleFluffyCat
Rating: Mostly G - PG-13, although the final chapter has an NC-17 slash-scene toward the end.
Characters: Bertie/Jeeves, with several of Bertie's crowd making an appearance along the way, and a couple of new faces.
Words: about 52,000 overall.
Genre: Chiefly Romance, with some Drama, Angst, Humour and Fluff.


"Surely, one would think nothing could be more relaxing for a young Wooster than a week spent by the seaside? - Golf and sand-castle building without an aunt in sight!

One may think so, indeed, but the combination of several 'friends' with their own agendas, a theatrical production and the mysterious designs of my very own valet conspired to make that week spent in Spindleythorpe-on-sea one of the most memorable and life-changing of the lot..."

There will be fortune tellers! And Gilbert and Sullivan! And (the chaps are rather glad to hear), plenty of romantic fluffy goodness!

Chapter One - 'Escape and Entrapment'

Chapter Two - 'Drama and Divination'

Chapter Three - 'Predictions and Predilections'

Chapter Four - 'Sentimentality and Subtext'

Chapter Five - 'Review and Rumpus'

Chapter Six - 'Passion and Performance' (Part 1) (Part 2)

Chapter Seven - 'Consolidation and Consummation'
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