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by_jeeves's Journal

A Jeeves and Wooster Community!
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Whot ho Chaps and Chapettes!
Greetings, and welcome to By Jeeves! A community devoted to Jeeves and Wooster, the books, the musical and the tv series.
We are your mods! Miss_Meow_Mix and myself, Usagipon. We like to dress up :D Here you see us as Jeeves and Wooster (Miss_Meow_Mix on the left and myself on the right as Jeeves)

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Feel free to put your feet up, make your self comfortable and post anything you like about Jeeves and Wooster, writings, pictures, questions, discussions...anything you like.

As a small warning we also welcome slash (that is to say the pairing of J&W <3) and welcome fanfiction/fanart/etcetc

We hope you enjoy your stay.
butlers, funny facial expressions, hugh laurie, intelligence, jeeves and wooster, music (not the trumbone), newts, pointless toffs, pointless toffs with butlers, stephen fry, very good sirs