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Well, first of all, hi everybody! I'm new to the comm and I'm also completely new to LiveJournal (having finally decided to sack up and join after years of lurking) so if I'm doing something wrong or this isn't the right place to post this, please do let me know.

The thing is, I've lost a fic. If it's not inappropriate and this is indeed the right place to ask, I was hoping someone might recognise it by description and could point me in the right direction. Details... behind the... cut? Is that right? I do hope so.

I read this story years ago and saved it, but owing to the tragic and premature demise of my beloved laptop Mabel, requiescat in pace, I've lost all my files, favourites and links.

The fic in question was J/W slash (of course) and in it, Jeeves comes to Bertie with a problem he is unable to solve - one of the twins, I can't recall whether it was Claude or Eustace, has being paying unwanted attentions to our valiant valet, and Jeeves, afraid of losing his position if Bertie doesn't believe him or chooses to side with the pestilential cousin in question, is nevertheless at his wits' end. Bertie is, of course, utterly incensed and biffs off to have it out with Claude and/or Eustace, as the Code of the Woosters dictates. Jeeves is touched by his heroic defense but Bertie is very worried, because he now feels that if Jeeves finds out that he, Bertie, is one of those chaps who fancy other chaps, Jeeves will think Bertie is just like his handsy relative and will seek alternative employment. Without wanting to give it all away, they get it all worked out in the end and smooching ensues.

That's absolutely all I can remember. I've forgotten the name of the story, the author, the site where I read it, everything. I've searched high and low, trawled through dozens of links and recs, reading ridiculous amounts of fic along the way and turning up several new gems, but despite how enjoyable the labour was it has ended in failure. I cannot find this blasted story. Anyone who can help me will be my hero for all eternity and will be granted three wishes.* Thanks everso in advance, and sorry again if I'm breaking any rules!

*Wishes to be fulfilled when I achieve genie-status, or when my Hogwarts letter arrives, whichever comes first.

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